Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ganesh Hegde on Ganesh Hegde

Ganesh Hegde.Yes,thats my name.

Now if youve hit Ganesh Hegde on Blogger! and have expected to find the personal blog of Ganesh Hegde,youve come to the right place.We'll,to begin with, I AM Ganesh Hegde,and this IS my personal blog.Ive been Ganesh Hegde for quite some time now,22 years nearly.

I also have a namesake,who has been making merry on TV,and wowing all the girls with his dance-cum-mush songs.Now not many people know that this guy was a choreographer before he hit the jackpot with "G".Going by the popularity of the songs that he's choreographed,one could also safely assume that he's a good choreographer.I mean songs like Khallas,Kambakht Ishq,and Babuji Zaraa Dheere Chalo,were huge hits,not to forget songs like Mitwaa from lagaan and Mehboob Mere,from Fiza .Some of these songs,were bigger than the films themselves.

So far,so good,Ganesh Hegde is an ace choreographer,people dont know about it and everyone is living happily,when this dude comes up with his own album "G".Its a rage amongst girls.
So,you may ask,why does this guy have a problem with his namesake making it big??

No No No,i dont have a problem with Ganesh Hegde making it big.Why should I??
In fact i was basking,quite shamelessly,in this reflected glory(this can be verified by checking the number of hits my blog has had in the last few days),when i received this response on one of my posts,from a fan called tinahegde [:-))]

"hey ganesh this is ur greatest fan on this planet earth i love u so much iam crazy for u hope ull respond soon i love u my name is christina my mail id "

So I felt it necessary to clear the air once and for all,and take the risk of not getting even those few hits that i managed in the past few months *sob ,sob*.
Gals,devijis,dudes and dudettes,who have the hots for the great G,who google Ganesh Hegde and find this Blog,please know that this is not Ganesh Hegde the hot shot Choreographer-cum-Popstar,but Ganesh Hegde shot Software developer-cum-quizzer-cum-electronics&dsp-enthusiast!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Theres something on the telly beyond Ekta.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge(Minus N.S.Sidhu),now Champions:-Star One,Friday 10:00 PM.
One of my favourite shows.The actual competition was great fun,now its kinda watered down.
One just cant stop laughing when Sunil Pal says in true Suniel Shetty Style " A-he Veerappan,MAdhurI ko choD de veerappan ",or better still "Prove karoon kya ?? Proove kar sakta hoon".Navin Prabhakar has almost started a parallel genre of bar dancer girl comedy with his "Paichaan Kaun,HaT Kutta" jokes.Besides that,Ehsaan Qureishis limericks ,Raju Shrivastav's ideas (I especially liked the Modified sholay,and laughing reporter gags),and the energy of Bhagwant Mann(Oh MyGoddddd!!!!!!mera beta mar gayaaaaaaa!!!),definitely make the show worth watching.Between Desperate Housewives,which airs at the same time,and TGILC,its a no-contest.Even some of the guys who didnt make it to the finals were amazing.among these Jimmmy Moses(the Chinese in India gag),Dharsi Beradia,and Deepak Raja.
All in all a rocking show.

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai :-Star One,Monday 9:00 PM.
Maya Sarabhai (played by Ratna Pathak-Shah),the champagne drinking,quintessential socialite,is always at loggerheads with her daughter-in-law,Monisha,who as it turns out unluckily for Maya,is a quintessential penny-saving middle class girl.Ratna Pathak-Shah is just to good in this serial.Her dialogues,which almost always involve chiding her bahu with "its so typically middle class",are ably complemented by Monisha's,which almost always involve an exaggerated description of the middle class.Other members of the cast,like Sumeet Raghavan (who played Phaster Phene several years ago),and Satish Shah,do their job commendably.

The Kumars At Number 42:-Star World,Sunday 10:00 PM.
One Hillarious Show,never mind the BatliWalla,and the Kudkudiya cheap imitations.Sanjeev Kumar,and his grandmother are simply hillarious.Cant stop laughing when the grandma insults her less-than-pefect grandson.

KBC 2:- Star Plus ,FRI-SUN 9:00 PM.
I like this show simply because the way the Big B presents it,is unparalleled,aDwitIya.The junta pleasing questions notwithstanding, I do get some good trivia on India once in a while.

Sab Kuch Ho Sakta Hai:SAB TV ,WED-THURS 10:30 PM.
if you want to see spoofs done on Indian Personalities in the most hillarious manner,watch this show.Sajid Khan is ok,but the show stealer is Suresh Menon.Simply hillarious.
Another show that does spoofs is the Great Indian Comedy Show,modelled on the lines of Mad TV.But some of the gags here are really boring and do not evoke too much laughter.

Besides these,the usual stuff like Friends,Seinfeld(Kramer rocks),and the Drew Carrey Show.

All in all,enough to keep me occupied all weekend(I get to watch only repeats)!!