Monday, June 20, 2005

The al-Chemist

Happened to read the much acclaimed book,"The Alchemist" recently.The book makes for absorbing reading.However it does suffer from major drawbacks.

It prophesises that "If you want something,the entire universe conspires in helping you get it".It exhorts the reader to follow his/her dreams through the medium of the protagonist Santiago.However there seems to be a paradox here,for it says that you must dream,for only if you dream will they become true,and it talks about Santiago having found his 'destiny'.

Now dream and destiny,for me,are not always compatible.Further,it says that you must spot the 'omens',while on the quest to fulfill your dreams.This and a lot of mysterious elements,like the 'soul of the world',and the author Paulo Coelho's cleverness in subtly putting his point across about his own(I presume) religion,Christianity,confused me thoroughly.There is talk about 'the Tradition' never being wrong,about our fate being written(Maktub).

But I guess the book can take such liberties,for it essentially is fiction.Another thing that struck me about the book is that,since the author uses the medium of Santiago to put his views forth,he does not become unnecessarily preachy,unlike other motivational books which indulge in direct conversation with the reader.

All in all,very well written,and some of the points do make sense too,but only people of enormous faith,can,i suppose put into practice what Coelho says.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

im back

after a self imposed sabbatical for a month due to exams,im finally in a position to write regularly again.dont know what to write about though.on my way back home,i saw a few signboards,which were pretty comical.
they read something like this.
"shrikrishna-mutton shop";
"m.s. chut-ke and sons-tailors";
"saatvik-the vitamin filled diet(on the lines of d-aag-the fire!!);
ive made a resolution to keep my eyes open for all these signboards.there sure is a lot of humour everywhere if you read the signs.
(i also saw an empty mall that had the signboard-shoppers stop!!)