Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Software Employee?

This Link , contains the phrase/epithet "software employee". I wonder what that means? I mean the story contained in the link is tragic, but I think having a software employee would be pretty cool. As opposed to a hardware employee. Throw away those large clunky obsolete pieces of junk. Hire a software employee, now. I guess even making software employees will be a big industry if having a software employee would be possible. So what is an employee who writes software for a software employee manufacturing company called?

Monday, April 06, 2009

57% Male

Is the result of a probabilistic gender analysis of the person writing this blog by the following site.
You might want to find out your gender by clicking on this link.
They also mention that my blog (and probably me?!!!) is supposedly nearly gender neutral.

Hat Tip: Shiva

Interesting article

Netas, I think is short, for Net Assets

Kaun Jeeta?

I learnt last year that the PFMI- Universe Title was now secondary to the PFMI- World title and PFMI-World was actually number 1. Reading the articles written post this years event, I am damn confused. Why? Because you have a couple of contestants claiming that both had won the title, some writers writing that PFMI-World had actually won the title and a bunch claiming that both PFMI-U and PFMI-W were equal in status this year and both were actual winners.
WhoTF actually won?
Not that anybody cares about the 'change' and the message of love and hope that they are going to bring to the world.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The land of Kashyapa Muni?

This has been discussed on several levels over the past years. Several trees have been cut, reams of tape devoted to this anomaly.
I was reminded of it when I saw some videos on YouTube highlighting the difficulties faced by Kashmiri Muslims in the light of the Indian army's so called 'occupation'.
Here is a video highlighting the other side: Kashmiri Hindus who have born the brunt of extremism since the rise of millitancy in the valley in the late 80's and early 90's. Refugees in their own homeland, victims of the politics of religion, are nearly 0.7 million of these people.
Surely, even these people deserve to be heard.
In times where 'going green' is a metaphor for secularism, we should not forget that there are people from the other side too.
Gaza and Kashmir seem to grab eyeballs. But the tales of these Kashmiris seem to be less newsworthy and highlighting it, patently unsecular.
Do spread the word, not the hatred. Voices of victims need to be heard, be it a Muslim living in squalid conditions in a ghetto in Ahmedabad, post 2002, or a displaced Kashmiri Pandit waiting to get official compensation for his father's death in 1990 at the hands of extremists.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Gandhi ki Neelami

How did Gandhi's belongings come into Otis' possession in the first place?
Any ideas?
If it was auctioned, then why?
If it wasn't, did Otis steal it?
Was it gifted to him?
Is guththi ko kaun suljhaega?