Thursday, December 22, 2005

Ganesh Hegde on Ganesh Hegde

Ganesh Hegde.Yes,thats my name.

Now if youve hit Ganesh Hegde on Blogger! and have expected to find the personal blog of Ganesh Hegde,youve come to the right place.We'll,to begin with, I AM Ganesh Hegde,and this IS my personal blog.Ive been Ganesh Hegde for quite some time now,22 years nearly.

I also have a namesake,who has been making merry on TV,and wowing all the girls with his dance-cum-mush songs.Now not many people know that this guy was a choreographer before he hit the jackpot with "G".Going by the popularity of the songs that he's choreographed,one could also safely assume that he's a good choreographer.I mean songs like Khallas,Kambakht Ishq,and Babuji Zaraa Dheere Chalo,were huge hits,not to forget songs like Mitwaa from lagaan and Mehboob Mere,from Fiza .Some of these songs,were bigger than the films themselves.

So far,so good,Ganesh Hegde is an ace choreographer,people dont know about it and everyone is living happily,when this dude comes up with his own album "G".Its a rage amongst girls.
So,you may ask,why does this guy have a problem with his namesake making it big??

No No No,i dont have a problem with Ganesh Hegde making it big.Why should I??
In fact i was basking,quite shamelessly,in this reflected glory(this can be verified by checking the number of hits my blog has had in the last few days),when i received this response on one of my posts,from a fan called tinahegde [:-))]

"hey ganesh this is ur greatest fan on this planet earth i love u so much iam crazy for u hope ull respond soon i love u my name is christina my mail id "

So I felt it necessary to clear the air once and for all,and take the risk of not getting even those few hits that i managed in the past few months *sob ,sob*.
Gals,devijis,dudes and dudettes,who have the hots for the great G,who google Ganesh Hegde and find this Blog,please know that this is not Ganesh Hegde the hot shot Choreographer-cum-Popstar,but Ganesh Hegde shot Software developer-cum-quizzer-cum-electronics&dsp-enthusiast!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Theres something on the telly beyond Ekta.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge(Minus N.S.Sidhu),now Champions:-Star One,Friday 10:00 PM.
One of my favourite shows.The actual competition was great fun,now its kinda watered down.
One just cant stop laughing when Sunil Pal says in true Suniel Shetty Style " A-he Veerappan,MAdhurI ko choD de veerappan ",or better still "Prove karoon kya ?? Proove kar sakta hoon".Navin Prabhakar has almost started a parallel genre of bar dancer girl comedy with his "Paichaan Kaun,HaT Kutta" jokes.Besides that,Ehsaan Qureishis limericks ,Raju Shrivastav's ideas (I especially liked the Modified sholay,and laughing reporter gags),and the energy of Bhagwant Mann(Oh MyGoddddd!!!!!!mera beta mar gayaaaaaaa!!!),definitely make the show worth watching.Between Desperate Housewives,which airs at the same time,and TGILC,its a no-contest.Even some of the guys who didnt make it to the finals were amazing.among these Jimmmy Moses(the Chinese in India gag),Dharsi Beradia,and Deepak Raja.
All in all a rocking show.

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai :-Star One,Monday 9:00 PM.
Maya Sarabhai (played by Ratna Pathak-Shah),the champagne drinking,quintessential socialite,is always at loggerheads with her daughter-in-law,Monisha,who as it turns out unluckily for Maya,is a quintessential penny-saving middle class girl.Ratna Pathak-Shah is just to good in this serial.Her dialogues,which almost always involve chiding her bahu with "its so typically middle class",are ably complemented by Monisha's,which almost always involve an exaggerated description of the middle class.Other members of the cast,like Sumeet Raghavan (who played Phaster Phene several years ago),and Satish Shah,do their job commendably.

The Kumars At Number 42:-Star World,Sunday 10:00 PM.
One Hillarious Show,never mind the BatliWalla,and the Kudkudiya cheap imitations.Sanjeev Kumar,and his grandmother are simply hillarious.Cant stop laughing when the grandma insults her less-than-pefect grandson.

KBC 2:- Star Plus ,FRI-SUN 9:00 PM.
I like this show simply because the way the Big B presents it,is unparalleled,aDwitIya.The junta pleasing questions notwithstanding, I do get some good trivia on India once in a while.

Sab Kuch Ho Sakta Hai:SAB TV ,WED-THURS 10:30 PM.
if you want to see spoofs done on Indian Personalities in the most hillarious manner,watch this show.Sajid Khan is ok,but the show stealer is Suresh Menon.Simply hillarious.
Another show that does spoofs is the Great Indian Comedy Show,modelled on the lines of Mad TV.But some of the gags here are really boring and do not evoke too much laughter.

Besides these,the usual stuff like Friends,Seinfeld(Kramer rocks),and the Drew Carrey Show.

All in all,enough to keep me occupied all weekend(I get to watch only repeats)!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Few Pune centric definitions

Recently -I happened to read this Headline in the Marathi newspaper Sakal.
It translates as follows:
ROAD:something that exists between potholes.
This coupled with my experiences with Pune's roads this monsoon,made me think about a few more definitions,or rather modifications of existing definitions,as they apply to Pune city.Though these defintions apply to Pune, they can be derated according to the road conditions in other cities to be
applicable there.

1)ROAD:Something that exists between adjacent potholes.
Appendix : The minimum distance between potholes required to complete the definition varies from area to area.e.g:in the Cantonment area it may be as far as 20 metres,while on Ganeshkhind road it is about 5 -10 cm.
note:In areas like Ghorpadi(if you knew that it existed in Pune),the concept of road does not exist.
2)CONCENTRATION:A quality required by pedestrians,and vehicle drivers,that enables them to reach home in one piece.
3)SURVIVOR:A person who has a high amount of concentration.
4)ACCIDENT:Something that happens to potential survivors,when they are concentrating so much on surviving,that they bang into
a) A Pole,or a divider
b) A Pedestrian
c) A Cyclist
Case a) can also be taken as the definition for Pole-dancing as one of my friends tells me.
5)MOONSCAPE:A clear view of the moons surface(Craters et al),earlier visible only through the telescope,and pictures,but due to the untiring efforts of the PMC(and road contractors),a very precise simulation of it is now accesible to the general public in Pune.
6)UPA:Hithertho known as the United Progressive Alliance,in Pune it is known as the United Pothole Alliance.As conspiracy theorists might tell you,it is an association formed by road contractors,politicians,orthopaedic surgeons,accident hospitals,and vehicle spare part manufacturing companies(genuine and fake).

Monday, June 20, 2005

The al-Chemist

Happened to read the much acclaimed book,"The Alchemist" recently.The book makes for absorbing reading.However it does suffer from major drawbacks.

It prophesises that "If you want something,the entire universe conspires in helping you get it".It exhorts the reader to follow his/her dreams through the medium of the protagonist Santiago.However there seems to be a paradox here,for it says that you must dream,for only if you dream will they become true,and it talks about Santiago having found his 'destiny'.

Now dream and destiny,for me,are not always compatible.Further,it says that you must spot the 'omens',while on the quest to fulfill your dreams.This and a lot of mysterious elements,like the 'soul of the world',and the author Paulo Coelho's cleverness in subtly putting his point across about his own(I presume) religion,Christianity,confused me thoroughly.There is talk about 'the Tradition' never being wrong,about our fate being written(Maktub).

But I guess the book can take such liberties,for it essentially is fiction.Another thing that struck me about the book is that,since the author uses the medium of Santiago to put his views forth,he does not become unnecessarily preachy,unlike other motivational books which indulge in direct conversation with the reader.

All in all,very well written,and some of the points do make sense too,but only people of enormous faith,can,i suppose put into practice what Coelho says.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

im back

after a self imposed sabbatical for a month due to exams,im finally in a position to write regularly again.dont know what to write about though.on my way back home,i saw a few signboards,which were pretty comical.
they read something like this.
"shrikrishna-mutton shop";
"m.s. chut-ke and sons-tailors";
"saatvik-the vitamin filled diet(on the lines of d-aag-the fire!!);
ive made a resolution to keep my eyes open for all these signboards.there sure is a lot of humour everywhere if you read the signs.
(i also saw an empty mall that had the signboard-shoppers stop!!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Paki singers rock

This thing called the PL that we engineering students have is a manna from heaven.not only does it give us all the time in the world to do all the useful stuff that we dont all semester long,it also gives us time to here i was one fine pl night,downloading software for my ancient comp,when i happened to listen to the song "jiya na jaye" by faakhir from his album 'mantra'.what struck me about the song was that it was original,and melodious,unlike the remix crap thats regularly being dished out on music channels nowadays.since i had all the time in the world,i immediately downloaded the song.

i wonder why indian musicians arent doing good original stuff nowadays.the indian pop scene was totally rocking in the late 90's,with several singers like daler mehndi,shaan,sonu nigam bursting on to the scene.and they did real good stuff then.while shaan and and sonu nigam have moved on to playback singing,daler mehndi has (allegedly got several illegal immigrants deprted back to india from canada!!) found little luck with his recent albums.

on the other hand,pakistani bands and singers have regularly made good music,evident from the fact that these bands have a huge fan following in india.and lets face it,these guys are good.junoon,fuzon,atif(of yeh lamhe fame),faakhir,strings have sold albums like crazy out here.(ive purposely left out adnan sami for the simple reason that he cannot sing,and plus he would take up more space than required on this web page!!).its really good to see that these guys are getting the attention they deserve(and the moolah).unfortunately,our very own abhijit(chaand taare of yes boss) doesnt share my views.he feels a lot of indian singers are being neglected in the wake of this craze for paki bands.though his comments about adnan sami might be valid,i dont think its right to criticise these singers just because they are pakistanis.afterall,people want to listen to good music,and they dont care if its coming from across the borders.he seems to have conveniently forgotten the fact that indian movies are so popular in pakistan,that despite the ban on them,pirated copies are freely available,and people there love the stuff.chances are that if youre watching a pirated version of a movie at home,the cd has been originally burnt in pakistan!!.

thankfully,the scene seems to be getting a little better for indian pop music.ive heard good stuff by abhijit sawant(indian idol),rabbi shergill(bulla ki jaana totally rocks),kunal ganjawala(channa ve),bombay boys(though its half indian,and half norwegian) and kumar sanu(tera mera pyar),in recent times.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Kya Kool khai khum

Im taking inspiration from Ekta kapoor.She's taught me so much.I mean,I realised that whatever I do,however hard I end up working,im still going to be a failure in life if theres no k in my name,or someplace around me.Because you see k stands for karma,and by adding a k in all possible places ,it improves my karma.Dont believe it??Go ahead ,try it yourself.Youll be surprised at the results.
When I was pondering over my future "Nnaaamkkarran Sanskaaarr",I Read the article about *Star* numerologist Mr.Jumaani.He says,that numbers rule our world.So the reason why Shourobh Ganguly is not doing well,is not because hes playing plain badly,but because he wears Jersey no.99.He should switch to 24 he says,because no 6 again somehow stands for akhdkhd in the house of jwhrohhht thats why hghohohogho which rules the planet of ghohgogohgohghhghghigh is not matching the numerological equivalent of his name,so if he changes his jersey to number 24 then he'll be back with a bang(No wait!! bang doesnt seem to have the right numbers.we should make that ngab,no ngam,Yes this is perfect,NAGMA!!you see Nagma and Saurav are both numerologically ruled by the god of lust,sorry light,surya,and thats why they offered prayers at the konark temple!!yes,that really fits in well)
Therefore,im thinking of changing my name.I think i should make it kganesh,or kkganesh(i can imagine people going around trying to call my name,ekdum shahrukh style,hey kk..ganesh!!),or better still,Kanesh.So please,change your names,and reap the benefits.
Have you also noted that the total number of letters and characters in this post also has an equivalent of 6??And Ive also added an extra k which has improved my karma so much,that im actually feeling more confident,and thats why im going to do well in life.Amazing,isnt it??

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ein neue Papst

Rejoice all you Roman Catholics of the world,for you have a new pope.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI.And he will lead you into the kingdom of God.
Im afraid for not long though.For he looks as though he may soon secure a permanent seat at the eternal security council,where Giovanni Paolo II will ask him "Et tu Papa??"Congrazie!!"".This "humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord"(dont know why he chose a vineyard over other places of work,free booze attracts one and all!!) is a known hardliner,which again puzzles me.Why would any one having any sense oppose change.Its probably out of the fear that they would then lose control over a people they have kept in the dark for ages.So God doesnt want women to enjoy their time in bed,haan (Hump not, when thy need is not a child)??Or he has an aversion to latex??Or pills for that matter??
How people still believe this stuff puzzles me.What also puzzles me is that Even after having so many names to choose from he ends up chosing Benedict.Was he so hard pressed for choice.It reminds me of a joke though.A drunkard is standing next to a manhole shouting "15,15,15......"So a guy comes up to him and asks him whats up.he says "go ahead,take a look".and as soon as the guy bends down to take a look this dude pushes him down and starts screaming "16,16,16..........!!!".
Hey Papa,im sorry,I hope my soul doesnt burn in hell for this.
May God bless you.Amen.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

An Interesting method

Found a very interesting,and amazingly simple way to solve an equation involving complex powers.Say we have a equation x^3-x^2+x=z^2+2z;we separate this into two equations,say y= x^3=x^2+x,and y=z^2+2z.Plot the graphs of both against y,and the points of intersection are the solutions to the equation.Complex problems truly have simple solutions.The source for this solution was the book "The shadows of the Mind",by Roger Penrose.Quite a good read actually, considering that the author has gone great lengths to show where quantum physics fails to explain the workings of a conscious mind,and how we must develop a new physics to accomodate the concept of a non-mathematical consciousness.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

My First post on My first blog

After one year of listening to people discussing blogs whenever i visited B.C.,i decided to have a blog of my own.Not that i had any particular animosity towards weblogs.Its just that BSNL made sure that i didnt have a decent net connection,which meant that i had to make regular trips to the nearby cybercafe to check mail,and that i didnt have enough time for this 'indulgence'.Finally i decided that ive had enough,so when Sify came up with a decent offer, i jumped on to the broad-bandwagon,and here i am,with enough of online time to create some space for myself on the web(and be an active contributor too) .
Ive never understood the actual need of a blog.I still dont.But after beginning to write my first post,I get the feeling that its out of the need to express yourself,maybe in a way that can never be done in a conversation.Maybe its done out of the urge to show to others, how intellectually inclined you are.Seems pretty confusing,and i sure would like to get some comments on this.
Till my next post,