Saturday, March 26, 2011

Only you, TOI, only you...

If you ever suspected that Bollywood and the Pakistani defense establishment had links, then you must be congratulated for your intuition and uncanny ability to divine these things. TOI has finally unearthed these links and has reported them in this article.
Before TOI realizes that this is sensitive information and changes the text of the article, I must quote from it:
In 2009, ISI chief, General Shuja Pasha attended an iftar dinner by Indian envoy to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal, which was seen to herald some kind of a thaw. Earlier, too, India had asked to engage the Pakistani army chief, but to little avail. The Pakistani army chief leads the strategic dialogue process with the US, which includes both civilian and military components in the talks. But India remains wedded to the civilian establishment, and has historically only engaged the Pakistani army chief after he has taken over power in a coup.

Kayani is a different kettle of fish. Having declared to be "India centric", the chain-smoking quiet Pakistani army chief has generally been seen to be the most hostile army leader.

Yash Raj Films will have a catalogue of 56 movies online, while Karan Johar is in the process of releasing his films on the internet for fans in the US.

There you go. Crystal clear, the link between the two, innit?