Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bomb Squad guy or bloody daredevil?

In the aftermath of the Gujarat and Karnataka bombings, we've been subjected to intense media coverage of the events post the bomb blasts.
More significant amongst these was the live diffusion of a bomb in Surat/Ahmedabad, I don't remember which.
I am completely shocked by the way the bomb squad guys go about doing their job as if it were a routine job like signing and shutting a file in a government office. Moreso, because these guys do not use any protective covering, and diffuse bombs with their bare hands.
I cannot for the life of me understand why we do not provide our bomb squad guys with suitable gear and the state of the art tech in diffusing bombs. If we do, then why aren't these guys using it??
What if something goes wrong and the bomb goes off? The guy diffusing the bomb is bound to lose his life in such a case. Every one of these guys is important to us if we are going to fight terror. I've seen instances where the bomb squad guys are wearing jackets but no helmets, helmets but no protective covering for the hands. I am yet to see a visual in which a bomb squad guy is diffusing a bomb with full protection.
I mean, I may be naive in my judgement of the situation, may be these guys first go ahead and check if the bomb is likely to go off any time soon and then when they are relatively confident they don't feel the need for protection. It's possible, but I'm not sure if this is what is happening. For one, there is no guarantee that a backup mechanism for triggering bombs hasn't been implemented, even if the time of explosion may have passed.
Ideally speaking, these guys are supposed to take a fiber glass compartment and first enclose the bomb in it and diffuse the bomb in the safety of the bomb sqaud premises...but in the visuals I've never seen this happening...
Why this callousness? Why the unnecessary bravado?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Attention!!!! General Post is here...

The past few days and Summer in general have been quite eventful. Eventful in the wrong/sad way, IMHO.

Theres been a lot of losing happening.

Bombs went off in Bangalore, lives were lost, politicians have been bought and their nonexistent credibility was lost, Fed lost to a virtual unknown after losing an epic battle to Rafa, Amitabh Bachchan lost his luggage, twice,...I can go on and on...

I no more find it surprising that the Bangalore bomb blasts didn't get the attention they deserve around the world...A bombing in Gaza city seemed to keep journalists busy...I'm reminded of a scene in Hotel Rwanda where The UN peacekeeper played by Nick Nolte tells Paul Rusesabagina, 'Nobody cares about a bunch of black people killing other black people.' Now I harbor no communal or racist sentiments, but in the US, it seems like unless a Jew or a Hispanic dies abroad, it doesn't seem to be as important. I can understand that this may be due not to any hidden agenda in the American press, but something that reflects the demographics of the country and hence economic interests of newspaper. More Jews, Hispanics across the US, would mean that newspapers would translate, I think to more news about these sections of society and smaller incidents involving them to translate into comparatively greater newsworthiness than other people elsewhere.

Amongst other things, Via Darjeeling is a bad copy of Rashomon, Heath Ledger Mesmerizes in the Dark Knight, which is a good film IMHO, not like oh-my-god-im-cumming types good. Jaane tu ya Jaane Na is a bad film, Imran Khan acts passably well, Genelia can act, but cannot express herself in Hindi, Page 3 was a good movie, I dunno why I didn't see it for so long, Christopher Nolan is a good director, Christian Bale is a tremendous actor, Shatranj ke Khiladi is a satirical masterpiece, Donny Darko is excellent, electromagnetics is good to study for leisure, but sucks during exam time and nano-technology is an over-used over-hyped word.