Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cover up

The Slimes of India has an interesting notion of what is obscene and what isn't.
Take a look at their photo galleries and one thing immediately strikes you. Pictures of nude women are left largely untouched, but for a smattering of photo-shopping on the womanly parts. Mind you, the aforementioned parts too are left largely untouched (ahem!), just a bit of photo-shopping done on what the Slimes deems obscene.
For all practical purposes, there is little difference between the Slimes' site and respectable porn photo-sites. There is little left to imagination, and I doubt the Slimes would win if a PIL is filed against them on the grounds of public obscenity.
Note, however, that this post isn't a complaint! I just find it funny and sort of pointless that they bother to cover up that little. Or that much, depending on where you're looking from.